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Historic Rose Garden

History of the Rose Garden (extract from A History of Ross Island/Townsville State School 1884-1984)

The Rose Project commenced in 1963 when 50 rose bushes were purchased and planted.  Later in the year, vandals entered the school and stole 15 rose bushes. 
In 1964, 8 new rose bushes were planed in a semi-circular bed bringing the total number of rose bushes to 43. 
In 1865 we had 54 rose bushes.  A new rectangular bed was dug in the semi-circular plot. 
We planted 36 rose bushes in 1966 bringing the total to 77. 
In 1967, we had 66 rose bushes. 12 more rose bushes were planted on Arbor Day that year.
In 1968, 8 new rose bushes were planted giving us a total of 73 rose bushes.  Later in this year the rectangular garden bed was supplied with a concrete border.
Early in 1969, 57 rose bushes were removed from the garden and were presented to members for their own use in home plots.  This reduced the number of rose bushes to 32.  57 new rose bushes were planted later that year.
In 1970 we had 57 rose bushes.  A number were lost due to the lace of watering during the summer vacation.  In 1971 we had 93 rose bushes. 
We had 84 rose bushes in 1972. 
28 new roses were planted in 1973 because a number of roses had died during the summer vaction due to lack of water.  This brought the number of rose bushes to 93.  6 miniature and 6 novelty roses were planted in the circular rose bed which was originally a fish pond. 
So far this year (1984) , we had planted 9 rose bushes.  We have ordered 4 Standard rose bushes to plant, but as yet they have not arrived. 
The rose garden died out due to termites in the early 1990s. 
In 2014, as part of the school's 130th celebrations, the rose garden was restarted after nearly 20 years of absence from the school grounds.  5 roses (bolded below) were planted at the front of the school at this time thanks to a generous donation from a school family.
In 2015, a further 18 roses have been planted bringing the total to 23 located as follows :
o          Hybrid Tea - Alec's Red
     o     Hybrid Tea - Double Delight
o          Hybrid Tea - Champagner
     o     Hybrid Tea - Just Joey
o          Hybrid Tea - Black Beauty
     o     Mother's Love
o          Hybrid Tea - Lagerfeld
o          Floribunda - Angel Face
      o    Floribunda - Gold Bunny
o          Floribunda - Iceberg
      o    Papa Meilland 
o          Floribunda - Fragrant Delight
o          Hybrid Tea - Peace
o          Floribunda - Angel Face
      o    Hybrid Tea - Spirit of Hope
      o    Hybrid Tea - Tiffany
      o    Hybrid Tea - Gold Medal
      o    Hybrid Tea - The Children's Rose
o          Hybrid Tea - Mister Lincoln
      o    Hybrid Tea - Blue Moon
o          Hybrid Tea - Perfume Delight
      o    Hybrid Tea - Double Delight