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Cyclones and Flooding

​Though the school is not at a high risk of flooding, the local community can be at risk and this section outlines the procedures in the event of a flood or cyclone to minimise the risk to the students.

Our school is on occasions affected by cyclones with possible school closures to ensure student safety.  Whilst school closures due to these influences are not frequent, we must have a course of action if necessary.

Categories – Initially cyclones are categorised within an area under a ‘cyclone watch’.  This indicates a relatively remote possibility a cyclone may strike locations within the ‘watch’ area.  In other words, a general alert to consider initial preparations, but no final acts of preparedness, is given.

Secondly, an area may come under a ‘cyclone warning’ indicating the strong possibility the storm may strike locations in the warning zone within days or a relatively short time.

Categories of cyclone strength and alerts from ‘watch’ to ‘warning’ can change rapidly.  Therefore, it is far wiser to act with extra caution and get it wrong (perhaps on most occasions), than to be caught unprepared and therefore risk the lives of children.

The following will apply….

1.   If the cyclone warning is declared in time to send notice home, we will advise you in writing that the school is to be closed the next day. Our school also sends out SMS messages so make sure your phone details are up-to-date at the school.

2.  Sometimes the warning category is declared during the night.  Therefore, listen to the radio in the morning, check your SMS messages (providing the option to send was available) and also check the Emergency School Closures for information on whether the school will be closed.

3.  A warning category may be announced during the day.  If you hear that over the radio etc, call and collect your children.  Again our school will also send out an SMS to all parents if possible.

4.   In exceptional circumstances, it is also possible that individual schools may be closed while others are open (due to damage, flooding or other safety issues).  Listen to your radio as it will be broadcast if this is the case or check the following website on Emergency School Closures.

If you feel conditions are unsafe for you and your family to travel, the decision will be left to you to make but it is best to err on the side of caution.

If it's Flooded, Forget it!