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Illness and Medication


If your child is unwell, he/she should be kept home.  Unwell children are unable to operate effectively and contagious illnesses are quickly spread to other children.

When students are obviously unwell, parents or emergency contacts will be called and requested to collect their child from school and sign them out before leaving.

At times, students will indicate they are unwell, but an avoidance pattern may be noted by either the teacher or parent.  Parents will be contacted and offered the option of the school monitoring their child for 1 hour, with a possible re-entry to class or parent collection after this time.  Contact will be made with parents to discuss further the situation if students are regularly accessing the sick room. 

As with absenteeism, missing classroom sessions seriously affects academic performance and needs to be minimised.


Prior to the school administering any medication to children, Education Queensland  as explicit guidelines that parents/caregivers and school staff must follow. 

Prescription Medication:

  • All medication must be handed to the Principal or a person designated by the Principal, for security reasons.  STUDENTS MUST NOT KEEP THIS IN THEIR BAG AND SELF ADMINISTER.   This rule is excluding asthma puffers which the children may keep and self administer.  Though the school is permitted a spare puffer, it is a good idea to supply the school with a spare puffer in case its use is needed and the child has left his / her usual one at home.
  • All medication must be handed to the school in the original dispenser or packaging.
  • Medication must have a pharmaceutical sticker and/or an accompanying letter from a medical practitioner indicating dosage and administration procedures.
  • Parents are required to fill out a Medication Form (available from the school office & in the Appendix section of this Prospectus).
  • Medication is administered by the Principal or a person designated by the Principal, and on each occasion, it is noted in a ‘Medication Register’.
  • Position as stated in  the relevant extract from the Education Queensland Manual

"School staff must not administer over the counter medication, including analgesics, homoeopathic or prescribed medications unless they meet the accountability of a written request from the parent / caregiver accompanied by written advice from a medical practitioner, and with the medication in the original labelled container. The exception is the reliever puffer, such as Ventolin that is included for the treatment of asthma."

NB: In the case of puffers, parents must still supply a written authorisation. Students who are  responsible are able to self administer their puffer medication as needed.

Education Queensland requires these guidelines to be strictly adhered to student safety.